About Us

Ropes for Boats is a custom rigging shop that opened for business in 2004.  Our main objective is making rope related items for the boating community; dock line,. fender lines, tow lines and so on. Our philosophy has always been to supply our customers with what they want and need. If you require a 27 ft dock line, then that is what we will make. Not a 25 ft line or a 30 ft line because that is what we have on the shelf.

We will make you what you want. And we will supply lines made with American Manufactured rope and spliced in America. Unlike the store bought that are made in China. And we take pride in our workmanship. Tradition has dock lines that are properly spliced with the throats whipped and stitched, and the bitter ends not only whipped and stitched but color coded so if you have 2 or 3 different lengths of lines on board, you will know them by their color. We know you are proud of your boat. We want your lines to enforce that pride.

All of the rope sold by Rope For Boats is made in the USA. Many times we see in the Mega Yacht Industry that Insurance Companies are requiring Certificates stating the strength of the Rope that is being used for: Dock lines, Mooring Lines, Anchor Snubbers, Lifting Harnesses , Towing Harnesses and such Like. When we receive a shipment from one of our manufactures, included with the order is a Certificate of Conformance stating Date of Manufacturing and other information but also stating the Tensile Strength of the rope order. If questions arise, please feel free to contact us for Certificates to be included with your order.